Film Festival

The Film Festival features 11 movies, 8 at Discovery Cinema during the weekend April 14-15 and 3 after the evening keynotes.

After the following movies, a discussion will be led by:

- Myraida Rivera Marzam fo Hidden Figures

- Carlos Duarte for Ice and the Sky

- David Keyes for Measuring the World

For the weekend movies, make sure to collect your Pioneer Movie Pass at the cinema, good for all 8 film screenings.

Enter for the chance to win a restaurant voucher by seeing 3 or more movies.

How to enter:

Step 1: Collect your Pioneer Movie Pass at the Cinema

Step 2: Get your pass stamped before entering the theatre

Step 3: After collecting your 3 stamps, drop off your pass in the raffle box at the Cinema

Step 4: Join us for the Opening Night on Sunday., April 16 to see if you are a winner.