KAUST Enrichment Programs


The University’s Enrichment Programs were created as a way to draw KAUST faculty, students, staff, partners, collaborators, and community members out of their daily routines and into a curated program of expansive thinking. The programs are shaped to educate, inspire, enrich and contribute to the community, the Kingdom and the world.  

Under the umbrella of Academic Affairs, the Office of Enrichment Programs produces and delivers three Programs during the year: the two week-long Winter Enrichment Program (WEP) and the Spring and Fall shorter programs. In collaboration with faculty, staff and students, and a nominated KAUST faculty chair, the Enrichment Office decides on a theme for each program and selects content from proposals submitted by the KAUST community. This is immersive, enlightening, challenging and focused work.

The programs make improbable meetings happen, shining the spotlight on great ideas, inspiring people to aim high and supporting learning that empowers curious minds to create new, innovative things.


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WEP takes place during an interlude in the academic semester for two weeks in January and although courses are not offered during this period, students are required to stay on campus as completing WEP is part of their graduation requirements.  To coordinate our programming and logistics for our events, we partner with numerous KAUST departments, divisions and research centers.

From our prestigious keynote lecture series to entrepreneurship programs, workshops and symposia in science and technology, to art and community activities, our Enrichment programs offer top-notch signature events to a cumulative audience of more than 70,000 people. WEP brings together dynamic speakers from KAUST, as well as prominent guests from around the globe. 

These internationally renowned individuals include Nobel Laureates, entrepreneurs and academics, as well as distinguished local and regional dignitaries, whom have created a significant impact worldwide through business, science and innovation. Now in its 10th year, WEP has become a hallmark of not only KAUST’s intellectual and cultural calendar, but that of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 

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