WEP 2023 Chairs


I am pleased to announce that KAUST's 2023 Winter Enrichment Program (WEP) will be chaired by Associate Professor Derya Baran and co-chaired by Professor Xin Gao. Next year's WEP will run from January 8 to 19, 2023. 


Derya Baran is an associate professor of Material Science and Engineering at the KAUST Solar Center within the Physical Science and Engineering division. Baran's research interests lie in the area of solution-processable organic/hybrid soft materials for electronic devices. Such soft semiconductor materials possess a viable platform for printed, large area, stretchable and wearable electronics that can be used as solar cells, smart windows, OFETs, thermoelectric, sensors, and bioelectronics.



Xin Gao is a professor of Computer Science within KAUST's Computer, Electrical, and Mathematical Science and Engineering division. Gao's research lies at the intersection of computer science and biology. His work has two main focuses: 1) developing theory and methodology in the fields of machine learning and algorithms; and 2) solving key open problems in biological and medical fields through building computational models, developing machine-learning techniques, and designing effective and efficient algorithms. In particular, he aims to solve problems that occur along the path from protein amino acid sequences to their three-dimensional structures and functions that ultimately lead to their undesirable expression in complex biological networks.


About WEP
WEP is a two-week program that creates a lively and engaging atmosphere, taking us away from our regular activities and bringing together the KAUST students, community, national and international visitors, and eminent speakers from Saudi Arabia and around the world. WEP's success, as always, depends on the creativity of everyone here at KAUST and will evolve from your proposal ideas selected by the WEP 2023 Committee. The Call for Proposals will be sent out soon, along with the announcement of our 2023 theme, and we look forward to hearing your ideas and creativity.  

Please join me and the Office of Culture, Enrichment, and Engagement in thanking Derya and Xin for leading the 2023 WEP.

Larry Carin

KAUST Provost