Must-see events of WEP

In line with KAUST's mission to be a source of inspiration and innovative thinking, we strive to choose a stimulating theme each year that opens new perspectives to the future for our audience. But WEP not only offers a different theme and different events each year, but it also offers a series of annual signature events that we adapt each year's theme:


Keynote Lecture Series

The WEP keynote lectures are signature events aligned with the theme retained by KAUST following a proposal submitted by the WEP Chair. WEP has invited180 eminent international and in-Kingdom speakers since 2010.             

Opening Day

To officially launch WEP, we invite the KAUST community and in-Kingdom guests to attend our opening event. 


Workshops and Courses

We organize hands-on workshops open to KAUST students and nominated guests to develop specific areas of knowledge and skills.   

Lecture Series

This series of lectures features a range of inspiring in-Kingdom and regional business speakers to discuss the trends and opportunities related to business in Saudi Arabia and the international arena.                

Science Fair

As part of the annual Science Fair event, researchers bring science out of the labs and interact with KAUST community members and in-Kingdom schools in a lively day of sharing and discovery. Find out more.



International Undergraduate Poster Competition

Over six years, we have received more than 2,000 research poster submissions, with 40 percent from Saudi students. Each year the top three submissions are recognized during an awards ceremony. 2020 Winners:

PSE: Rohit Rungta Damien Berube

CEMSE: Mohammed Albejadi Mohammed Alghadeer. 

BESE: Casandra Salinas Sara Abu Ajamieh.



Exhibitions and Cultural Events  

International and national artists are invited to exhibit their artistic creations, create new works during WEP, give workshops, lectures, and join panel discussions.   

Film Festival on Science and Technology

Renowned scientists introduce and lead discussions for a range of documentary and fictional film screenings related to the year's theme.    

Final Gala

To commemorate the end of WEP, we hold a final gala extravaganza. We use this night to recognize our sponsors as well as the winners of the poster competition, art competitions, and more.   



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