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WEP 2019

The Winter Enrichment Program (WEP), a hallmark event of KAUST, returned on Sunday, January 13 to Thursday, January 24, 2019. Chaired by Professor Valerio Orlando, Head of Environmental Epigenetic Program. #WEP2019 featured 12 days of keynotes, lectures, discussions, master classes, exhibits, and cultural events all relating to the theme of TIME. 

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Student Breakfast Orientation

Location: Bldg 20 Auditorium

Start your WEP with an orientation session with Professor Valerio Orlando, Chair of WEP 2019, and Marie Laure Boulot. This event is a nice gathering to kick off WEP 2019. During this breakfast, you ... more

WEP-Library ePoster Exhibition- Sunday

Location: University Library

Posters submitted by KAUST graduate students and postdocs will be displayed using the University Library ePoster platform during the first week of the Winter Enrichment Program. Poster prese ... more

Innovating in today’s world is becoming an essential trait for tomorrow’s jobs. This 3-day course will help students understand the fundamentals of Innovation & Entrepreneurship to bui ... more

Escape Room - Sunday- Register your Team

Location: Times Square, Multipurpose Room

We bring to KAUST the most exciting room escape experience! Open to KAUST Community Members only Escape Hunt noun, Def: The name given to 20 minutes of pure, unadulterated excit ... more

KAUST Live consists of a 20-minute live interview and a 10 minute Q&A with the audience livestreamed at KAUST's Facebook page. The speaker will have a chance to talk about his top ... more

Moving Forward Together

Location: University Library

Members of the KAUST university are invited to participate in a photographic project to create an installation using slit-scan technic by Adam Magyar. On 13 January, approximately 300 students will w ... more

The circadian clock is an endogenous, time-tracking system that directs multiple metabolic and physiological functions required for homeostasis. The master clock located within the suprachiasmatic n ... more

WEP Opening Night Reception

Location: Times Square

As part of the festivities of the WEP 2019 opening day, we will welcome you to enjoy the transformation of Discovery Square into 'Times Square'. This program is free and open to the entire KAUS ... more

For one night, let yourself be overwhelmed by a tsunami of commercials from the most remote corners of the planet; deliriously creative, aesthetic, exotic, moving, sometimes very kitsch, and especia ... more