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WEP Recognition Breakfast 

Monday, March 5 2018

WEP 2018 was all about Human and Machine, but this morning - on Monday, March 5 2018 - we are gathering to recognize and celebrate the high value of human interconnection at KAUST. 

But first let’s view together the premiere showing of the WEP Video co-produced by the Enrichment Team, four KAUST students and MARCOM.  We hope you will enjoy their creativity and enthusiasm in making this clip. 

Let’s give a big round of applause for the students and all their efforts!

I would like to briefly share some interesting facts and highlights with you that all the KAUST Departments and 55 volunteers worked together in making this year’s WEP a huge success and a unique experience for all visitors and participants.

  • Cumulative WEP attendance totaled 14,000
  • 267 Students earned their WEP credits
  • 100+ Speakers and Artists
  • More than 1000 In-Kingdom Visitors invited by Saudi Affairs
  • The KAUST Schools and the entire community participated daily
  • Thanks to MARCOM, introduction of new technologies and use of digital activities encouraged people to experience WEP “virtually” - opening WEP to the Kingdom and the world at large.
  • For the first time, Facebook and on-air interviews by keynote and noon time lectures were “livestreamed” on the KAUST Facebook page receiving + 62,900. Views
  • + 55,000 total users visited the KAUST and Enrichment website during WEP
  • +320,000 total page views of the KAUST and Enrichment website during WEP
  • On January 16, a press release was sent out and a press conference was held; with 22 media pickups in local newspaper throughout the event, two TV show highlights on MBC.
  • Scientific Saudi created Twitter videos of WEP with a cumulative audience of 20,000 views.
  • Arab News covered on WEP speaker Susan Polgar visit at KAUST.

Thanks to Procurement, Government Affairs, Finance, University Development and the Logistics team, we brought new technology and robotics, such as the Holographic Logo, the Gita Robot, the Humanoid Robot and Virtual Reality to the community and visitors.

Of the many challenges we faced, I cannot name each one, but thanks to all of us and our coordinated efforts; we succeeded in making a very innovative WEP 2018.

We are grateful for your professionalism. Professor Omar Knio will now give the trophies to the representatives of the KAUST Departments and the  volunteers will receive certificates of appreciation. 

Thanks to our 20 Team Departments:  People Services, Government Affairs, Finance & Procurement, University Development, Innovation Economic & Development, The KAUST School, Health, Safety & Environment, Security, Graduate Affairs, Information Technology, MARCOM, Campus Services & Technical Research Park, University Library, Community Services, Community Engagement, Saudi Affairs, President's Office, Admissions and the Office of the Registrar's. 

Thanks to our 7 Sponsors and Exhibit Partners:  Official Platinum sponsors Saudi Aramco and SABIC; gold sponsor MACC, silver sponsor Coastline.  Our Exhibit Partners DigiRobotics, Atlab and Unilever-Clear.

Marie-Laure Boulot


Office of Enrichment Programs

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