A Walk Through KAUST Series


The ‘A Walk Through KAUST’ series aims to raise community awareness and curiosity about the richness and the diversity of the campus environment.

This booklet series is brought to you by the Office of Enrichment Programs in collaboration with other KAUST departments, such as KAUST Health, Safety, and Environment, KAUST, or University Support Services Department.

A Walk Through KAUST | Birds

This booklet features more than 50 photographs and showcases 45 species. Produced by passionate bird-watcher Brian James and talented bird-photographer Marios Mantzourogiannis, this work is an invitation to discover more about birding at KAUST. 

Co-produced with KAUST HSE Department. 



A Walk Through KAUST | Botany

Throughout this tour, the reader will learn more about the plant life that is around you every day, and about the systems that make such beauty possible. You may also discover more about the broader value and wonder of plants.

Co-produced with KAUST Horticulture Department.


 A Walk Through KAUST | Mangroves

KAUST is home to a vibrant and thriving mangrove forest that spans over 150 hectares, in an otherwise arid surrounding environment. Thanks to local conservation efforts, and an Environmental Stewardship Program, KAUST mangrove forests have expanded more than 20 percent in the last decade alone. The booklet aims to encourage people to visit these mangrove areas and experience first-hand the natural world at their fingertips.

Co-produced with KAUST HSE Department.



 A Walk Through KAUST | Artwork

The sculptures in our community are the result of KAUST ART, an extensive program of artwork commissions that celebrate our university’s international platform of collaboration and exchange. It enhances our public spaces with interdisciplinary urban art projects intended to stimulate creativity and interaction.  This booklet includes a curated selection of the many sculptures that enliven our community. We hope that you can gain a better understanding of the beautiful works that surround us here at KAUST.

Co-produced with KAUST University Support Services. 


 A Walk Through KAUST | Sustainable City

With this map, you will experience a self-guided tour where you will learn more about our intelligent, sustainable, and yet stunning campus. KAUST is one of the leading projects in the Middle East. With its innovative design and technical complexity, this campus of 21 academic and administration buildings is designed and built to reach high environmental performance.

Co-produced with KAUST Sustainability.






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