Monday, January 15, 2024

Introduction to Deep Learning for Coders-2/5

Location: Building 3; Room 5220

There is a strong demand for machine learning (DL) skills and expertise to solve challenging business problems globally and locally in KSA. This course will help learners build capacity in core DL too ... more

Intellectual Property (IP) in the digital age is rapidly expanding as we demand better, faster, and cheaper technologies due to fast-paced innovation in personal and professional development. This cou ... more

Community Event First Come First Serve Event

The panel discussion is set to bring together distinguished experts from various sectors to explore the multifaceted development of smart cities. Topics and Discussion Points: Smart cities: techno ... more

Live Stream

Jeddah AlBalad Tour-Speakers only-Jan 15

Location: Jeddah AlBalad

Community Event First Come First Serve Event

The heart of Jeddah is Al-Balad – our guests will enjoy exploring this vibrant hub and seeing its restoration in progress. They will also visit the Corniche, finishing with a meal at one of Jedd ... more

Teach an AI to play a game Group 2/5

Location: Building 9; Room 2325

Since the early days of Pong, video games have often been coded with Artificial Intelligence - a script that plays the game as if it were human, making smart and rational decisions. In this workshop, ... more

Solving the Maximum Independent Set (MIS) problem with a hardware-efficient implementation of quantum approximate optimization algorithm (QAOA).     The workshop will be composed of t ... more

NEOM Pioneering Cognitive Cities

Location: BLD 20

Community Event First Come First Serve Event

 Yousef Khalili, Chief Commercial Officer of TONOMUS, will be exploring with us the driving forces and technology breakthroughs that are redefining the way we experience cities, ushering in the a ... more

Live Stream