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Winter Enrichment Program (WEP) for 2015 is coming soon!

Running from January 11 to 22, The 2015 WEP program is larger and more ambitious than ever, with over one hundred events on offer.

This year’s offerings are the direct result of suggestions and event submissions from our faculty, students and community members, making WEP 2015 a program that is created by and for the entire KAUST community.

WEP 2015 features many highlights, including our keynote lectures on topics ranging from archaeology to biologically inspired design to freediving.  This year, we look at rich culture of Saudi Arabia through lectures on poetry, coinage and mining in Saudi Arabia, and present a range of art and recreational events, including a Tinga Tinga painting workshop, a 5K run, improvisation workshops and performances, a racketlon tournament and tours to Old Jeddah and the National Wildlife Center in Taif.

Finally, we’ll wrap up WEP 2015 with a closing evening gala extravaganza featuring a performance by the internationally renowned musical multimedia group Bella Gaia. 

With all these events and many more, WEP 2015 is the most exciting and lively time of the year at KAUST.

We look forward to enriching you at WEP 2015!



Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Data Science and Big Data Analytics 1

Location: bldg 12, University Library, Room 3134

Data Science and Big Data Analytics will give students a foundation level understanding of big data and the state of the practice of analytics. This course provides an introduction to big data and a ... more

We face great challenges in the 21st century: global poverty, population growth, climate change, environmental degradation, and global security. By 2030 in only 15 years time global food and energy de ... more

Farmers market

Location: Discovery Square

Buy fresh - directly from local farmers and enjoy for dinner tonight! The WEP Committee is pleased to welcome a Farmers Market to KAUST in collaboration with the KAUST Food and Services Department. ... more

Classification of Traditional Arabic Poems

Location: Bldg 12, University Library, Sea View

Traditional Arabic poems are the only source of pre-Islamic history in the Arab World, making them works of great importance. These poems also continued to play a major role in recording events after ... more

Keep it Simple 1

Location: Bldg 9, Lecture Hall 2325

Have you ever attended a presentation that had extremely busy and complex slides? Have you been in a conversation where you couldn't figure what the other person was trying to say? We are always comm ... more

One of KAUST's main area's of research is food security.In our rapidly populating world there are few more pressing areas of research than looking at helping improve rice production. This lecture look ... more

NMR-based Metabolomics offer great promise in helping us diagnose disease early and create treatments that suit indiviuals. This lecture will describe several examples in which metabolomics and biomar ... more

This lecture is a fasinating look at creativity and how it relates to modern cities. The session will focus on cities, their social, economic and cultural dynamics, and the different expressions of c ... more

A Journey To The Edge of Human Limits

Location: Bldg 20, Auditorium

Multiple world champion and world record holder Guillaume Nery will take you with him to the depths of the ocean as you discover the fascinating world of free diving: the act of diving as deep as poss ... more

Movies @ WEP 2015: "Fuel" by Joshua Tickell

Location: Cinema Theater

In keeping with our principal WEP theme of light we are presenting a session of "Movies @ WEP" featuring a wide array of classic and contemporary movies. Fuel (2008): Director Joshua Tickell takes u ... more